Thursday, August 20, 2015

Which Came FirstI’m sure you’ve heard the age old question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg”?  Actually it was neither the chicken nor the egg.  It was a rock!  That’s right!  A rock came first.  Trillions of years ago there was absolutely nothing.  Then out of this nothingness an immense explosion took place.  How it happened we’re not sure, since nothing cannot explode because there is nothing there to blow up!  But out of nothing came something.  This something out of nothing formed the universe.  Rocks that did not exist, suddenly did.  If there had been anyone with a brain observing this event, they would have shouted, “IT’S A MIRACLE!”  But, nothing yet had been created with a brain, nor eyes, a mouth or vocal chords to do that.  So, this miracle happened out of nothing and there was no one there to witness or admire it.  Rocks didn’t have brains, yet.  They did not have eyes nor a thought pattern.

Then, a singular rock accidentally tumbled down into a deep ravine, bouncing off other rocks. This jarring results began a process in that lucky rock.  It began developing a brain!  Here was another miracle that could not be witnessed nor admired.  Oh, it took several trillion years to do that because rocks are hardheaded.  That’s how we know it was a male rock!  It was a quirk in rock-dome for this to happen.  In fact, the rock with a brain had to sit there for several trillion years more because rocks can’t move, even with a brain.  What is a rock to do?  It is no rolling stone!  However, it could think and found that it could begin developing its mental powers.  So, it did.  Several more trillion years passed.  Stronger and stronger its mental powers became!

Finally, those powers were strong enough that it could think things into happening!  It decided it would build a very tall monument, which all senseless rocks could admire, if they too developed a brain.  That monument would show all other rocks that he alone was god.  Why?  Because he could think and create and they could not!   It mentally formed bricks and began through telekinesis to stack them.  The stacks, after reaching a certain altitude were blown over by a wind that had been created prior to the rock developing his own brain.  After a few thousand years the brainy rock taught himself how to make steel girders.  It also decided it needed something to glue the bricks together.  So, it created cement.  With cement and steel girders, it reinforced the bricks.  This feat was not sudden, but took several more billions of years.  Finally, the rock was finished with his monument.  In just a few thousand more years, a thought popped into his brain that he needed to give it a name.  He did!  He was so proud of his monument as well as the name he had given to it.  He called it the Empire State Building!

The Empire State Building proves that the rock came first, not the chicken nor the egg!  Rock collectors know that if they ever find that rock, it will make them wealthy and famous!  Scientists know that if they can find it, it will prove that matter, not intelligence, was first!  After all, once the rock finished with the Empire State Building, he created a monkey.  The rest is evolutionary history!

Moses, who apparently did not study history, came along much later and wrote,

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).

So, dear reader, which came first, the chicken, the egg, or that rock with intelligence?