Monday, August 24, 2015


On January 22, 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court announced in favor of lawful abortion.  After that, abortion was allowed for the first twenty-one weeks of pregnancy.  It was determined that a baby could live outside the womb after twenty-two weeks!

I’m old enough that I can remember when advocates for abortion claimed the fetus was not a human being until it was twenty-two weeks old.  When the charge was made that those favoring abortion would move it from twenty-one weeks to an even greater number, they waved it off as preposterous.  The predictions were true!  Then the charge was made that abortionists would move to murdering just prior to birth.  This too was laughed at, but now practiced.

Today we find abortions are not only being performed just prior to birth, but body parts are being sold for profit!  The consent of the parent is not even requested in some cases!  The organization in question is called Planned Parenthood.  Movies have been made of employees asking how much a body part is worth!  Are abortionists horrified by such revelations?  Only at being caught!  Immediately, denials were produced and actions glossed over.  Even a liberal Fox participant on “The Five,” became blind to the brutal methods of ending a baby’s life, because the parts benefited someone!  How long before poor children and adults, that have some physical or mental deficiency, are euthanized because they are a burden upon society and someone with means may purchase their parts?

The Republican led Congress attempted to revoke funding of Planned Parenthood, in spite of liberal objections.  The vote failed by seven.  One RINO Republican, Mark Kirk of Illinois voted against revoking the funding.  Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell voted “no” so it could be brought up again later for another vote.  The majority voting to continue funding were all Democrats.

Sadly, the Democrat Party that I was a part of is no longer the party of my parents nor grandparents.  It is the party that supports late term abortion and now continues to allow an abortion mill to sell body parts.  It is the party that supports the homosexual agenda.  It is the party that during its last convention had to go through three contested voice votes before they would include the word “God” in their platform.  Although the administration is making every effort to remove the God of Abraham, Isaac, Moses, and Paul from public consciousness, it is allowing the introduction of Islam, their deity, scriptures, law, and worship into public education.  The present Republican leadership in the Senate and House seems to be driven more by politics than addressing the basic problem of our nation.  I hope I am wrong.

I’m sure some Christians will object to My Thoughts on this subject, saying “Christians have no authority to get involved in politics.”  Didn’t Paul use his citizenship to stop the government from unfairly punishing him (Acts 22:25)?  Didn’t he also “appeal to Caesar” (Acts 25:11-12)?  Didn’t the government honored that request?  Is it wrong to appeal to Caesar (politicians) to honor and respect God and His Word?  Is it an ungodly thing to stand up for righteousness and against wickedness?  Are politics more important than faith?  Is Party membership more significant than standing with Christ?  Is Political Correctness better than truth?  Didn’t John the Baptist stand up for the Law of Moses and against the sins of a top political figure in his day (Mark 6:18)?  Will wickedness drive our faith into the shadows of fear and be silenced, or should it bring out our faith (Acts 4:15-21; 5:26-29)?  Our choice!

Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).