Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sin 02We’ve been blessed to live in a country where the Bible was respected, Presidents prayed, School children pledged allegiance, School Christmas plays were every December, and the Ten Commandments were valued.  Stores closed on Sunday.  Shacking up was shameful, divorce was discouraged, and common courtesy was prevalent.

In the seventies, people thought Eve’s path was better and began populating the course of fools (Psalm 14:1; 53:1).  Prayer perished from public education.  State and Federal threw out the Ten Commandments.  Faith was ridiculed.  Political correctness became common sense.  Disrespect is the norm.  Lies are preferred.   Crudeness is applauded.    Sin is respected.  Righteousness is avoided.  False pride is the goal.  Worshiping man is our destination!

Businesses are falling like dominoes for every foolish thing introduced to a gullible public.  The offended minority is our obligatory pattern to appease.  The rulings of six justices is our scriptures!  Marriage is redefined.  The future for the faithful is not bright.  Our faith will be tested.  Christians will ask, “Will I be lost if I shop with a business that supports sin?”  What did the faithful in the Bible do?

When Lot parted from Abraham, where did he go to live?  Wasn’t it a homosexual city where ten righteous people could not be found?  What was Lot’s business?  Wasn’t it selling wool from his sheep, meat products, milk, cheese, and such?  Where did he shop?  Wasn’t it with the same folks who gathered at his door demanding he send the angels out so they could have sex with them?  Did living in Sodom and doing daily business with Sodomites sully his character and ruin his opportunity to be saved?  Let God answer that question.

Two times in 2 Peter 2:6-9 inspiration refers to Lot as “a righteous man” and once as “his righteous soul.”  He is included in the phrase “godly men.”  We live in a broken world.  It was broken long before you and I were born.  Because we live in such a world, does that mean we fellowship the sins of the world when we buy and sell with it?  If so, then we are all lost because not everyone we have done business with in the past has been righteous.  If we are asked to disobey God, we must follow the course the apostle took (Acts 5:29).  But, did they stop shopping with unbelievers?  What if a Christian belonged to a wicked person and did not have that freedom?  A severe beating or death is a choice he could make.  Paul and the Philippian church greeted those “in Caesar’s household”  (Philippians 4:22).   Some were slaves.  Did this mean they agreed with everything that went on there?  Didn’t the taxes paid by Christians support a corrupt and sinful government?  Did that mean they were guilty of supporting sin?  No!

Jesus prayed, “I do not pray that You take them out of the world – just keep them from the evil one.”  (John 17:15 IEB).

We live in a sin filled world.  We are sinners.  Saved ones, yes, but still sinners.  We have been saved and brought into fellowship with God.  Jesus’ blood keeps us righteous.  Since we are in the world, let us be a light to it.  Let us be a city that is set on a hill.   Let our lives glorify and honor our God and Savior.