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Monday, February 8, 2016       

Sour is SweetDid you know we are living in a very strange time?  In fact, some things going on are downright idiotic!  A lot of it reminds me of Isaiah’s statement written 700 years before Christ,

How horrible it will be for people who call evil things “good,” and good things “evil.”  They think that darkness is light, and light is darkness.  They think that sour is sweet, and sweet is sour.  How horrible it will be for people who think they are wise.  They think they’re so clever. . . They receive money to set the guilty free.  But they won’t allow innocent people to be judged fairly.  Therefore, they will be destroyed . . . they have refused to obey the teachings of Yahweh . . . They hated the message from the Holy One of Israel”  (Isaiah 5:20-24 IEB).

A 17 year old…

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