Monday, February 8, 2016       

Sour is SweetDid you know we are living in a very strange time?  In fact, some things going on are downright idiotic!  A lot of it reminds me of Isaiah’s statement written 700 years before Christ,

How horrible it will be for people who call evil things “good,” and good things “evil.”  They think that darkness is light, and light is darkness.  They think that sour is sweet, and sweet is sour.  How horrible it will be for people who think they are wise.  They think they’re so clever. . . They receive money to set the guilty free.  But they won’t allow innocent people to be judged fairly.  Therefore, they will be destroyed . . . they have refused to obey the teachings of Yahweh . . . They hated the message from the Holy One of Israel”  (Isaiah 5:20-24 IEB).

A 17 year old Danish girl faces prosecution because she used pepper spray to ward off rape by a Muslim man.  Why?  Because pepper spray is illegal in Denmark.  I guess it’s best to be raped rather than to make the rapist eyes burn for a few minutes?

A grand jury met to look at the evidence of a US company’s illegal selling of body parts from aborted infants.  Their decision was to prosecute the reporters who uncovered this horror.  Those reporters could get twenty years in prison if convicted!

A Syrian Christian, fleeing from Muslim ISIS captors, was migrating to Germany.  He  recognized another migrant as one who had tortured him.  He reported him to the German police.  They ignored his charges because his oppressor had broken no German laws.  They admitted the ISIS individual into the country!  When will he go active there?

Even our government is blinded by this upside down thinking.  Our president sheds tears when adults or children are murdered by a crazed gunman, but our nation’s heart is like stone when considering the 57+ million babies murdered by abortion since 1973!  Don’t forget, you can sell their body parts!  You will not be prosecuted!!

Because of political correctness, Islam is reported to be a religion of peace, whereas  Christians are the terrorists!  We are informed that the Constitution forbids a student or teacher bringing a Bible to school, and mentioning “Jesus” or “God” is taboo.  Yet, cafeterias stop serving pork, schools provide facilities for Muslim prayer rooms, assignments are given to students to wear Islamic dress, memorize Qur’an passages, say Islamic prayers, and Christians who will not do so are failed!

Cops are bad, murdering one is right.  Rioting and looting is good because store owners deserve their losses.  If your sports team wins too many times, they are penalized because they shouldn’t.  Climate change specialists predicted the world would end by now, but cold weather has impeded its progress.  Homosexuals win a suit against Christian bakers, but Muslims are allowed to deny service due to their religious convictions.

This isn’t the first time for such foolishness.  Remember, it happened 700 years before Christ.  The earliest record of such was in the Garden of Eden.  No matter how crazy the world becomes, we should stand ready to say before God, “Here am I; send me.”  (Isaiah 6:8 (KJV).