Monday, April 25, 2016

Remember WhenThe song, “Remember When” was performed by Alan Jackson in 2003.  It was about a man and his wife growing old and remembering their life together.  With that theme in mind . . . DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN:

•    Schools had prayer, valedictorians spoke about God, and reading from the Bible was acceptable in class?
•    Teachers were respected and any discourtesy led to a hard paddling in the Principal’s office?
•    You arrive at home what happened to you when your folks found out about your paddling?
•    Public schools had Easter and Christmas programs?
•    Businesses greeted you with “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays”?
•    Signs on doors that read “boys” or “men” or “girls” or “women” meant that?
•    “To excel” wasn’t a dirty phrase?
•    Saying “Jesus” or “Christ” in a vain way was considered wrong?
•    Men watched their language in the presence of women?
•    Women didn’t swear like the proverbial sailor?
•    A business could refuse to serve someone if it was against their religious convictions without being fined $135,000?
•    Morals were taught in public schools?
•    Liars were corrected and the majority agreed rather than excusing it with, “Everyone does it”?
•    A high school or college girl was “loose” and the boys who dated them had a bad reputation?
•    You could order a .22 rifle from Sears and Roebuck or buy one in a Western Auto store without filling out a Federal form?
•    Prayers contained the expression, “Thank you Lord that we may worship without fear of molestation”?
•    The Ten Commandments were posted in government buildings?
•    The phrase “In God We Trust” was respected?
•    A National Political Party had to vote three times to get the word “God” entered into their Party Platform?
•    The police were honored for their protection rather than condemned for doing their duty?
•    The word “security” had a spiritual meaning for churches rather than relating to their parking lot and building?
•    People did not have to lock their cars or homes?
•    A couple living together without being married was called sin?
•    A politician opened his mouth, people didn’t think, “Here comes another lie!”?
•    Honesty was appreciated and dishonesty meant the person was untrustworthy?
•    This country was considered “a Christian nation”?
•    Presidents were proud of this country rather than apologizing and running it down?

Is the path that our government, Hollywood, and some in our society have charted for us, really benefitting us or future generations?  Are we really better off today than we were just a few decades ago?

Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”  (Proverbs 14:34).