Thursday, April 28, 2016

No PrayerI attended school during a time in this nation’s history when prayer was allowed in school.  In a state college I took courses in Bible as electives and receive credit.  Ministers were hired by the administration to teach those courses.  Moral values were taught from Kindergarten to college.  When the speech teacher in my college presented a play with two or three “swear” words, she was reprimanded and the words were removed from the second showing.  Why and when did all that stop and become memories rather than modern practices?

It began when prayer was taken out of public education!  It was a small start to built a foundation of quicksand to sink this nation!  Some argued for that removal.  If you can have a “Christian prayer,” why not a “Hindu” one?  Of course 99.9% of the schools didn’t have Hindu students.  But, if a Jew, Hindu or any other religion wanted their students to pray, why not?  However, to force a Jewish or Hindu student to pray a Christian prayer would be as unethical as Christian being forced to pray a Muslim prayer now!  What most did not realize is that this small move was only the beginning!  That plan was to reformat our educational system which would eventually remove this nation from its Constitutional and biblical roots.

That plan has been in progress for more than fifty years and we are beginning to see it as the kind of lie that was first delivered in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:4).  We stepped into the quicksand and never noticed our country was  sinking!  Each generation which started to Kindergarten after 1962 found prayer was taboo.  After that date, each student experienced a 13 year spiritual vacuum which continued to erode the faith of this nation.  The “no prayers” evolved into ethical and moral teaching being curbed and then silenced.  This was followed by squelching all references to God or Jesus.  Even the Bible was outlawed from school premises!

About the same time, movies were being rated with letters like “M” and morphed into “R.”  Little by little profanity was introduced until a movie like “Love Story” was considered “wonderful,” “tender,” and “precious” because the language was  ignored.  We were being educated in school and by the entertainment world to accept the change as “normal.”

The lie continued to develop as the quicksand covered our hips and clawed to cover our chest.  Couples lived together to “sample” marriage without the commitment.  Movies and TV glorified it.  TV brought the token homosexual into our living rooms and acclimated us to his lifestyle.  The Court again pulled the rug out from under the feet of faith!  Laws were passed making perversion legal.  Government and then Businesses capitulated.  This ushered in legislation allowing same sex marriages, placing a burden upon Christian businesses and ridiculing godly values.  We continued sinking, now up to our necks!  Recently introduced laws favor unisex public bathrooms and businesses are already allowing it!  Some are looking for ways to force Christian schools and colleges to hire homosexuals and to pregnant pulpits with sermons that encourage “love” by never mentioning these “lawful perversions” as sin!  Some comply to illustrate how they and Jesus are broad minded!

How did this happen? It began fifty-four years ago with one small victory when all forms of prayer were removed from public education!