Thursday, June 16, 2016

Your RightsIt’s sad when you no longer recognize your country or culture.  I was born in the mid 1930s.  I grew up watching movies starring Johnny Weissmuller, Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes, Lash LaRue, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, and Tim Holt.  Ingrained in each film was a lesson on right over wrong!  On Sunday, all the stores closed so everyone could attend church services with their family.  Houses or cars were not locked.

When WWII began, patriotism flourished.  Things were rationed and stamps were needed to buy sugar and such.  Gasoline was scarce and tires even more so.  Yet, we didn’t take to the streets to protest by destroying cars or breaking into stores.  The only demonstrations were to express our love of country and young men joined a branch of the armed services.  We collected scrape metal and tinfoil for the war effort.  Summer gardens flourished in backyards and called “Victory Gardens.”  We believed in God, family, and country.  No, we weren’t perfect, but we knew about right and wrong and what was ethical.  THAT was yesteryear!

Who would have thought that a national political party would be forced to have three vocal votes to see if they would include the expression “God” in their political platform?  It was an ominous introduction to the direction our nation would soon take, to remove God from public awareness!  That same party openly approved of abortion in their platform.  It was on the cutting edge of supporting homosexuality, same-sex marriage, open borders, and allowing “the gender confused” to use the bathroom of their choice.  When the Supreme Court voted to eliminate prayer in public schools, apathy prevailed and evil progressed.  Yet, those who approved eliminating Christian expression, now allow prayer rugs and their owners to pray where Christians and Jews cannot.  There are those in Washington, D.C. who favor Islamic Sharia rather than the Constitution.  That same leadership now expresses its opposition to Christianity as well as the Constitution and Bill of Rights!

Our society has raised a generation that is ignorant of our historical background.  What President Dwight D. Eisenhower wanted remembered, few past forty do.  Antisemitism is being reintroduced, primarily by eastern immigrants in this and other countries.   They come, not to assimilate, but to convert and rule.  Political correctness flows through the intolerant preaching of those who claim to be the most tolerant!  When that “tolerance” is defined, it means they must be heard and followed and all disagreement silenced.

In Rhode Island, firemen are told to remove the emblem of the US flag from their fire trucks because it symbolizes “terrorism”!  Our military is asked if it will kill US citizens, perhaps because Christians and Constitutionalism are also labeled as terrorists!  When a jihadist murders 49 innocent people in Orlando, the liberal news media blames his weapon and the NRA rather than the murderer’s faith.  A former marine is fired by a broadcasting company for being “too patriotic and political.”  His crime?  He lowered the company flag to half mast on Memorial Day!  A uniformed sheriff visited a 7 year old at home and ordered him to stop handing out Bible verses at school which his mother had placed in his lunch box.  The State of Washington will implement transgender teaching as mandatory education in public schools in 2017.  The army canceled a prayer breakfast at Ft. Riley, Kansas where former Lt. General Jerry Boykin was featured as the speaker.  Why?  Because one atheist complained.  One!  The rights of all those service men who wanted to hear and pray with him was silenced.  Our country is being ruled by minority feelings.  That minority restricts the religious majority because righteousness is “offensive” to them.

Christians are being brutalized and murdered and young girls kidnapped and sold as sex slaves in Muslim nations and our government ignores it.  Illegal immigrants tear our flag down and hoist theirs and liberal politicians and the media give them a “thumbs up.”  Illegal immigrant rioters egged and beat those who did not agree with their politics while the mayor of that city ordered the police to “stand down” just as the armed services were ordered to do by a former Secretary of State!

This is just an introduction to the policies of Politically Correctness.  Unless we wake up, we will be served the main course.  Regardless of what happens, let us always remember the words of our Lord.

What blessings await you when people hate you and exclude you and mock you and curse you as evil because you follow the Son of Man.”  (Luke 6:22 (NLT)).