Monday, July 25, 2016

Wake UpI’m a Christian.  I’ve been one for over 69 years.  During that time I’ve known a lot of people who were believers in Jesus.  Yet, I have never known a Jesus follower who:

Cut off anyone’s head who wasn’t a Christian.

Performed an honor killing of a family member because he or she stopped being a follower of Jesus and joined another world religion.

Believed he could be married to 4 women at the same time and could have an additional “temporary wife” (prostitute) when desired.

Believed the world needed to be subjugated to Christ and if they would not, either kill   them or make them second class citizens burdened with an extremely heavy tax because they would not convert.

Could rape any woman who wasn’t a believer and was right in doing so because she was an infidel and a second class citizen.

Could beat his wife whenever he thought she was not being in subjection to him.

Rape a woman and she would need 4 male witnesses to the rape to testify that she was raped.  If she could not prove it, a family member could legally kill her to regain the family honor.

Round up non-Christians, dress them in orange suits, tie their hands behind them, line them up on their knees, and slit their throats because they were not followers of Jesus.

Marry a 6 year old and consummate the marriage when she was 9.

Put anyone to death who made fun of Jesus or his apostles.

Put to death anyone who made fun of or desecrated the Bible.

Demand that schools stop serving certain foods which were offensive to Christians.

Take a job with a business that produced items which were offensive to Christians, then stop working and do a sit in protest then sue because they are fired.

Enter a country, refuse to assimilate into their society, begin attempting to take over that Nation and force their faith on that nation through violence.

Talk about being a peaceful religion, yet seldom if ever criticize the suicide bombing or other murders perpetrated by fellow Christians.

Fly a large airliner, full of innocent passengers, into a building as a sign that the world must be enslaved to Christianity.

Walk into a gay bar and murder a dozen or more individuals because you considered their sin so offensive that such individuals do not have a right to live.

Load up a truck with grenades and explosives and drive it into crowds, seriously injuring over 300 and murdering 89.

Prepare homemade bombs and set them off during the Boston Marathon.

Demonstrate, carrying signs telling non-Christians that we were going to rule the world and they are going to die!

Yet, there are folks, not Christians, who are doing these twenty things, and more, because their god has given them marching orders and they have heard the beat of his drum!  They must obey in order to gain Paradise.  Without that obedience, they will be lost forever.  If we remain blind to their marching orders, it allows them to carry out their goals for world conquest without opposition!  When will we wake up?  Will we?