Thursday, August 25, 2016

TrustDo I have any assurance that I am going to heaven? If I am depending upon my perfection to answer that question, the conclusion is “NO”! If a positive reply depends upon which sins I occasionally commit, such as little sins as opposed to big ones, the response again is “NO” for both! If my eternal destination relies upon crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” to solidify that assurance, I might as well expect a hot reception. If my eternity depends upon committing only “non-fatal error” rather than the “fatal kind,” my ignorance of such already condemns me. If my ability to accumulate a lot of good works will help pay my way into heaven, I have succumbed to the lies first produced in Eden.

The Word of God did not empty himself to occupy Mary’s womb so we could fill an imaginary gap left over from his sacrificial actions! Eve thought one bite would make her equal to God. Adam bit into that philosophy. God wants us to place all our trust in Him. When we seek to add “one wit” to that trust to mimic what the first couple attempted to “bite off,” we play their foolish game! Is our price of “one wit” sufficient and better than the blood of Jesus? Some see it as a necessary payment for our salvation! So, we trust Jesus? Yes. 100%! We don’t merit heaven with our two cents worth of effort!

Some have made it appear that what we do is equal to what Jesus did! He gave 50% and we pay off the rest through our obedience. Since his part was perfect, wouldn’t ours also need to be? When we set a percentage for our actions, which obligates God to reimburse us with eternal life, aren’t we swallowing the same lie which Eden’s occupants digested?

Obedience is commanded, but not as A PAYMENT for our eternal salvation. If it is a payment where God owes us, then what is the exact percentage required to validate that amount? If grace becomes necessary on God’s part to fill up what we lack, what percentage is required of us to merit that amount from Him? If we come up short, what assurance do we have that God will intervene? Can one ask for forgiveness at the judgment? In other words, grace will cover a percentage of our religious shortcomings, MAYBE! Is there a “cut-off” percentage? If 50% is our standard to make our righteousness acceptable, what percentage criteria must be met to guarantee we have reached that essential goal? Must we wait in limbo until the judgment to find out? That might end up being an eternal shocker! Doesn’t self-righteousness leave us insecure and without real joy? Doesn’t this serpentine doctrine teach that we’re good for 50% of our salvation and God’s grace and Jesus’ blood covers the other 50%? You earn 50% of your crown and only need God’s 50%? Doesn’t that sound like a boastful condition?

God’s lesson to Israel was, “You need me 100%”! That percentage did not decrease at the cross. It just emphasized it! So, what assurance do you have that you are going to heaven? To have 100% assurance, you must put 100% trust in Jesus! If your assurance is built upon your works, they would need to be perfect. Are they?