Thursday, October 20, 2016

politics-2In today’s political circus, one TV personality said he would write in “Jesus” on his ballot.  Usually, such voting helps the candidate that wins which may not be the one the voter wanted.  His vote however does salve his conscience because he could not vote for either “evil.”  That of course is his right and one should not violate his convictions (Romans 14).

However, that statement tweaked my thoughts!  What if Jesus was on the ballot rather than Trump?  Would Christians actually vote for our Lord?  Perhaps the real question would be, “Could Jesus win?”

What “trash” would be manufactured to disqualify him and direct our votes to the opposition?  Would we be shown how Jesus refused to condemn the woman caught in adultery, basing it upon a technicality of the Law (John 8:10)?  Would the opposition point out how little compassion Jesus had for hundreds seeking miraculous healing by focusing only on one man at the pool of Bethesda (John 5:5-9, 13)?  Would the opposition portray Jesus as a sadist who wanted his true followers to cut off a hand or tear out an eye to prove their loyalty (Matthew 18:8-9)?  Would he be accused of running for an office which he did not feel qualified for because he admitted that he was not of this world (John 17:14)?

Would the opposition point out that Jesus’ position on “kingdom” could motivate him to destroy the Constitution’s separation of church and state?  Wouldn’t there be an outcry that Jesus was a holier-than-thou candidate who would demand that his church or kingdom be the only world wide one?

If Jesus became President, wouldn’t he close down Hollywood, invalidate same-sex marriages, write executive orders to arrest anyone violating his instructions, and be against all women who wanted the right to control their bodies by ending unwanted pregnancies?  Would the opposition paint a negative picture of his candidacy?

Would decency be depicted as a threat to a society seeking the freedom to choose the pleasures of its choice?  Would any means available be considered and allowed to stop Jesus in his tracks?

If Jesus was President, what executive orders would he write that might be seen as a threat to the way we Christians live?  If he was running for the office of President, would he receive the Christian vote?  Just a thought.