Monday, October 24, 2016

politics-3November means cooler weather.  It also means beautiful fall colors as leaves morph from green to different rainbow shades.  School children delight in a few days of vacation.  I look forward to stuffing more than the turkey!  It also means we go to vote!

Whether one is conservative, liberal, Christian, atheist, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Catholic, Protestant, non-denominational, youthful or old, we will sift through five voting choices before casting our ballot.

1). Democrat.
2). Republican.
3). Independent.
4). Write in your name or the name “Jesus’.”
5). Or, ignore the whole process and stay at home.

Regardless of which selection you make, others will see it as the wrong choice.  Some have claimed that if their candidate doesn’t win, they are moving out of country.  Some will later dine upon their fallacious words.  Some will be like a gentleman who said he prayed about it and stayed home because that’s what Jesus wanted him to do!  Some will use a nose clothespin to justify voting for the lesser of two evils!  Some will exhibit a spiritual grandeur over their selection.  It’s a circus of choices!

One writer stated that “our vote will not determine the survival of our nation.”  Maybe, maybe not.  I agree that our lifestyle could change.  Some will think it is better, others worse.  Whoever wins, the debt in the trillions will not evaporate.  We cannot spend our way into prosperity regardless of the political hype.  Payment will empty everyone’s pockets.  Promises of a chicken in every pot is a shallow myth believed only by the desperate.  As one yesteryear preacher stated, “Payday, someday!”  It’s coming, regardless of who you and I vote for.

We’ve had it extremely good for the past seventy-five years.  It has been so good that some believe that ownership of an iPhone begins at age three!  The Robin Hood mentality motivates us to believe that someone else will pay.  Some Christians believe God owes us a soft cushion to break any and all falls!  Yet, over the years we have been acclimated to put Him in the closet while allowing others to vacate it.  We blind ourselves to laws that will remove our freedoms while giving it to those who despise our faith.  We shrug our shoulders in apathy when told to keep our faith private while opposing views are openly public.  Bible values are vanishing while ungodliness surfaces and drenches us with its filth!

Go vote on November Tuesday!  Vote the dictates of your heart.  However, votes, like laws, will not change the hearts of those who are determined to change our national theme to “In Man We Trust.”