Thursday, November 10, 2016

When Jesus’ family heard this, they went out to get Jesus.  They were saying, ‘He’s crazy!’

crazy-christians-2In Mark 3:21 there is a question from the different translations as to who thought Jesus was crazy and because of this thinking, wanted to “seize, restrain, take custody, lay hold on, rescue him by force, take possession,” or “take charge of him”!  Also, why did they think he was out of his mind?  Notice the following translations:

1. “And when his friend. . .” (KJV, ASV, TLB, BBE, Message, YLT).
2. “And when His own people heard about this” (NKJV, NASV).
3. “And when his family heard it” (RSV, NRSV, NIV, NLT, Montgomery NT, WEY, Darby, GW, HCSB, ESV, IEB).

Number 2 may be in agreement with 3 in that “His own people” refers to “his family.”

It’s pretty bad when your family thinks you are crazy and need to be confined at home!  It did not matter that Jesus was a man in his thirties.  He was an embarrassment to them.  Why?  Perhaps, for the following reasons:

First, he is the oldest son and was raised as a carpenter and needed to be making a living to help support the family.  Instead, he is running all over Palestine with a bunch of men, as well as women following after him (Mark 15:40-44; Luke 23:49, 55a).

Second, he was rocking the boat, so much so, that “the religiously correct” were looking for the right charges to convict him of blasphemy (3:2).  He “baited” the righteous Pharisees by doing things which he knew would upset them (3:2).  He seemed to find ways to offend folks whose religious convictions were different from his own (Matthew 13:57a; 15:12; Mark 6:3).

Third, he used physical enticements to get a following (John 6:1-12).  Even enough food to satisfy the crowd’s hunger wasn’t enough to pay them to stick around when they heard his teaching.  He even thought the twelve would also leave him  (John 6:60, 66-67).

Fourth, he was allowing the sick, with all kinds of dangerous diseases, to touch him (3:7-9).  This made him not only unclean, but also unsafe because he could spread what they had to others.  This inconsiderate attitude of allowing the diseased to come in contact with him, violated the comfort zone of those concerned with “ lawful cleanliness”!

Fifth, even the professors of the Law of Moses accused Jesus of being possessed by Beelzebub (3:22).  They found his attitude to be serious enough to travel all the way from the capitol in hopes of stopping his nonsense!  His actions were a slap against the good name of Joseph’s family, so they came to seize him and take him home!  In their thinking, Jesus had to be committed!

Sixth, rather than submitting to his family, he disavowed them by transferring his relationship to the crowd, announcing that they were his mother and brothers (3:31-35)!
Have you noticed that our world would support Jesus’ family in that kind of thinking?  They thought he needed to be taken off the street.  A lot of people today think Jesus’ only worth is to use his name to swear by?  Jesus warned that the world would turn against him and his followers.  When that happened in the first century, Jesus wanted his disciples to remember that they were citizens of his kingdom and that they were just passing through this one on their way home!  He still wants his disciples to understand that!