Monday, November 28, 2016

train-and-engineerIt was that time of the year.  He had a long trip ahead of him.  It would take him about a month to reach his destination.  Thankfully his boss, a woman, would allow him to be away almost 3 months.  He wasn’t married, so he wasn’t leaving anyone behind.  Due to the importance of his position in the government, he would not be traveling alone.  To do so without accompaniment wasn’t wise.  His travels would see him and his entourage going by ship, than transferring to smaller land vehicles.  The land vehicle he was riding in was small, but he made sure he had the prophet’s writings with him.  Motion sickness was not his problem so he could read while traveling.  Some of his close friends could not understand why he was taking such a long trip.  He had told them that he was restricted to a specific area to worship due to the type of surgery required of him for his job.  In spite of those limitations, he had planned this trip for several years.  His destination was Jerusalem.  Although part of the Temple courtyards were off limits to him, he could manage to enter one and from there have a sacrifice offered in his behalf.

When he arrived, excitement was displayed in the faces of the pilgrims.  He found places for himself and his soldiers to stay in spite of the 50,000 plus individuals crowding into the city.  He fulfilled his purpose and was able to have an animal offered in his behalf.  He studied from the prophet Isaiah on the trip, while in Jerusalem, and continued it on his way home.  However, he had a problem.  Was the prophet writing about himself, or someone else?  If someone else, who?  If someone else, when would that individual live?  He had questions, needed answers, but received no satisfaction.  Yet, out of the millions living in that part of the world, God saw this one government official.  Without knowing it, the treasurer was going to be the major player in “a God thing”!  The preacher’s name was Philip.  He was busy in Samaria converting people.  He was doing so well, that he could have stayed.  He could have seen many more responses to his preaching.  But, when God calls, the believer answers, so Philip traveled.

Philip had a 50 mile trip ahead of him.  He was northwest of Jerusalem and the eunuch would be southwest of the city near the coast.  Timing was essential.  The possibility existed that he could miss his contact.  Yet, God’s GPS is better than TomTom or Garmin’s.

When Philip saw the eunuch, he ran to him.  Since the eunuch was guarded by Queen Candace’s soldiers, his actions could have been misunderstood as aggression.  God’s providence kept that view off the radar.  Philip inquired if the eunuch understood what he was reading.  God was about to solve the eunuch’s problem!  The solution was simple with Philip beginning at the same passage and preaching Jesus to him!

When folks heard about Jesus, they wanted to be immersed.  Have you ever wondered why?  The eunuch was no different than those on Pentecost (Acts 2:40-41).  Philip immersed him and then left for his next appointment.  Now the eunuch knew Jesus as his Savior and that knowledge made his  trip worth the effort.

All of us are on a trip from birth to death.  Many count the years from their birth, but seldom plan for after death!  Some have had the privilege of hearing about Jesus, but treat him as a forgotten fourth cousin.  Some have scriptures that mention his name and life several times, but never investigate the Old or New Testament scriptures to see what Philip showed the eunuch.  Some ride the Christian train, but have never met the engineer.  Jesus himself informs us that at the judgment he will say to a large number, “I never knew you(Matthew 7:21-23).

You and I are on a lifetime trip.  When we arrive at the end, will it be worth it?  Does Jesus know you?  He won’t if you don’t know Him!