Thursday, March 23, 2017

BrowbeatngIt was a cold, windy day Monday.  I dropped Mary Nell off in front of Kroger so she wouldn’t have to walk too far in the wind.  I went to the Kroger gas station to fill the gas tank.  I drove back around to the striped area at the end of a parking lane and stopped.  I cut the engine and waited for Mary Nell to finish grocery shopping.

I could here his music before I saw him.  He pulled by me and turned into the lane I was facing.  He saw an opening to his left that was two parking spaces away from me.  He was driving a red Chevy Camero convertible with the top down.  My first thought was, “His music sure is loud.”  Then I realized that with the top down, he would need it loud to hear over the road noise and wind.  He turned left to get into the parking spot.  He had to back up to pull in straight.  As he turned off the ignition I glanced up and thought, “Nice car.”

In my peripheral view I could see the fellow get out of his car and start walking toward Kroger.  He was saying something and I thought he was talking to someone.  As he got closer to the car, perhaps six to eight feet away, he stopped.  He was still speaking loudly.  I looked up to see who he was addressing.  Surprise!  Surprise!  It was me!

He told me I was breaking the law by parking where I was.  That it was not a parking space.  He informed me that I was being very inconsiderate of other people who had to drive around me to get into a parking lane.  At first I thought he was kidding.  But, I saw his belligerent look and felt the terseness in his voice.  He told me that I was stupid for parking there.  He wrapped it all up as he continued toward Kroger by informing me, “You’re an idiot!”

I never said a word to him.  First, his actions caught me off guard.  Second, his tone told me that reason was out of the question.  It didn’t matter to him whether or not I was waiting on my wife to come out of Kroger soon with groceries, nor that I would be needed to put them in the trunk of the car.  Neither did it matter that I was not parked, but considered to be “standing” since I was in the driver’s seat.  Neither were there any signs forbidding me to wait there.  No one from the store had ever charged me with being discourteous.  The car was not blocking the entrance nor exit part of the lane in front nor in back of me.

As he went into Kroger I thought, “He must be a Christian!”  Now, why would I think that?  First, he did not use any curse words or profanity in expressing his displeasure.  Second, he did not come to the car, reach in and slap me.  Third, once he performed his duty to correct me, he went on about his business.  Now, isn’t that the Christian thing to do?