Thursday, June 22, 2017

SleepingLiberals are offended by Christians because we believe homosexuality is condemned by the Bible.  Yet a world religion will murder them and liberals are silent.

If a Christian wishes to pray on school property, liberals say it violates the Constitution.  Yet, when another religion demands it, it is acceptable!

If Christians demand that schools set up special worship periods for them during school hours, the fallout would be immense, yet nothing is said when another religion makes those demands and they are met!

If a large number of Christians marched down the streets with placards stating, “Death to America,” “We will rule the world,” or “God hates all non-believers,” Christianity would be labeled as a terrorist organization.  Not so, if another religion does it.  They are defended as exercising their freedom of speech!

If a bystander used Jesus’ name as a curse word and a Christian slit his throat, the liberal news media would quickly condemn ALL of Christianity.  When a person from another religion does it because the offender cursed his prophet, we are informed that his religion had nothing to do with it!

If a Christian rammed into a group of people on a bridge killing and injuring them, the liberal press would quickly condemn ALL of Christianity.  Let the driver be from another religion, and his religion would never be the cause, even if the driver admitted it!

If Christians began ransacking the places of worship of other religions, liberals would be horrified and demand immediate punishment.  Yet Christian church buildings can be vandalized and burned by numerous individuals and little or no comment is made about their religious ties.

If Christians rounded up folks in their town who were not of their belief, brutally killed the babies and children, then shot all of the adults, liberals would immediately condemn the whole of Christianity as a violent religion and want it outlawed.  However, if individuals belong to another religion, their faith is ignored and they alone are guilty, even though they admit that their scriptures command them to do so!

If several Christians went into a night club shouting, “in the name of Jesus,” and murdered and wounded dozens, the media would focus on ALL of Christianity.  But, if several from another religion do that, their religion has nothing to do with it.

If several Christians hijacked three passenger planes and flew them into places of worship of other religions, the press headlines would picture Christianity as a warring religion, attempting to convert the world through violence.   If those men were from another religion, their religion would have nothing to do with their actions.

If a Christian drove his truck, loaded with explosives, into a military barracks filled with soldiers of another nation, shouting “In the name of Jesus,” and killing several hundred and injuring the others, the media would print how horrible Christianity is.  Let that driver be from another religion, and his actions are not motivated by his religion!

If Christians in France, England, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Russia, Mali, the Philippines, and the United States were guilty of murdering and maiming “infidels,” “in the name of Jesus,” the press and governments would charge that Christianity was a religion of hate and violence.  Yet, let members of another faith do that and their motivation is not religious.

If Christian preachers were telling their audiences that The Constitution must be replaced by the Bible through violence, the media would go ballistic in condemning ALL of Christendom.  If preachers in another religion made those statements, it would be smoothed over as instruction having no serious implications.

Yet, it is not Christians, Buddhist, Shintoism, Jews, or Hindus who are doing these things.  There is an uncanny denial that is causing countries to ignore warning signs and mistakenly believe it is their fault that these calamities are befalling them.  When men accept blindness rather than truth, society pays with the horrors increasing rather than diminishing.  Paul writes,

The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber(Romans 13:11).

Awake to righteousness, and do not sin; for some do not have the knowledge of God.(1 Corinthians 15:34).

Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light (Ephesians 5:14).