Monday, July 10, 2017

Bloody SwordThings are getting bad in England when one of Hollywood’s elite, George Clooney, moves his family from there back to the States.  Clooney is an advocate for immigration.  Yet, lately things seem to be backfiring on that support.  His mansion in Italy was occupied by squatters, much to Clooney’s surprise and dismay.  But, they were immigrants, so he should have welcomed their invasion on his private property with open arms.  Why is he fleeing from England?  Immigrants again!  He fears for his family’s safety.  Immigrants are making life dangerous in England according to Clooney, so he wants his family in safer surroundings.  What will cause liberal blindness to miraculously see?  When the pocketbook or family is endangered, sight usually begins!

What if Jesus had commanded all his followers to give every non-believer one opportunity to accept him as Lord and Savior?  If that opportunity was rejected, what if Jesus commanded that each infidel deserved to lose his life!  It would not matter if that infidel was gentle, benevolent, an asset in the community, a good family person, or even religious, if he refused to be converted, he sentenced himself to die!  What if Jesus had commanded that if an infidel was a woman, Christian men could abuse, rape, and murder her if she would not convert?  Their actions would not be unlawful nor sinful.  What if Jesus gave Christians the right to line up infidels, force them to kneel down, and then put a bullet into their head?  What if Jesus commanded Christians to take small infidel children and if they refused to convert, bash their heads in?  Would you expect Christians to renounce their faith in Jesus before accepting them as immigrants?  Or, would you think you were guilty of Christiophobia if you questioned or refused to allow them to immigrate to your town?

What if Christian scriptures told adherents to be pacifist until their numbers reach 4% of the population, then start demanded their way or else?  Would you shrug it off and think they might have a just case against you and the best policy would be to surrender to their demands?  What it you decided they had too many demands and you refused, would you think you were being a “racist” against Christianity?  When you failed to meet ALL of their demands, what if only a few Christians began blowing up bombs in crowded concerts, driving vehicles into crowds, or shooting up malls or schools, would you attribute it to their religion or just strict guilt to the individual?  Would you demand certain restrictions on further Christian immigration, or swing the doors wider for more of them?

What if a Christian man raped your daughter and when arrested, shouted “Jesus demands I punish these female infidels”?  Would you brush it off as a psychotic individual or take a hard look at his religion and scriptures?  If the police, fearing reprisals from other Christians, freed the guilty and shrugged it off as your daughter wanting him to molest her, would you punish your daughter?  If a Christian kidnaped your 7-year-old son, demanding his conversion, slit his throat when he said “No,” and left a note that Jesus commanded death to ALL infidels, would you ignore his religion as a motivator?

When answering those questions, most people would remove their blinders and say it was the Christian’s religion that motived this mayhem.  You would admit that his religion made him a threat to your way of life, your family, and to yourself.  Your opposition would not make you phobic.  You would not be a racist.  You would not be cold-hearted nor inhumane.  You would be seeing things as they actually are and wanting to stop such evil.

The only problem, it is NOT Jesus, the New Testament, nor Christians who are guilty of such actions!  Yet, the very people who hate Christianity are the ones who are blind to the very ones who perpetrate those atrocities and who will eventually bring them home to you!

The Golden Rule of Christianity:

So, do for other people all the things which you want them to do for you.  This is the meaning of the law and the prophets (Matthew 7:12).

God loved the people of the world so much that He gave up His one and only Son. . . .God did not send His Son into the world to judge it.  God sent Jesus, so that the people of the world could be saved through him(John 3:16-17).

God will not force anyone to believe in Him.  Many in the USA and world do not believe in God.  No Christian will force you to believe.  No Christian will threaten your life if you reject belief in God.  If you are correct and God does not exist, then all, including yourself, will one day pass from this existence and the only future we will have will be what people remember about us.  It may be good or bad.  That will be our legacy?  But, we will be dead and the dead don’t care!  Dust has no thoughts nor life!