Monday, June 11, 2018

Thankfully, today’s view which is manifested by the left, wasn’t the prevailing one on December 7, 1941.  When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the modern attitude that we deserved such was not entertained.  People didn’t go to induction centers to throw rocks or spit horrible epitaphs at recruiting officials.  When war was declared by Congress, the majority of citizens did not take to the streets in destructive riots, spouting hatred against Roosevelt and Congress, nor did the news media announce that we were receiving only what we deserved.

On June 6, 1944, when about 4,700 men were wounded or killed in less than an hour in the first wave on the beaches of France, with the worst being Omaha, generals and admirals didn’t throw up their hands and go home.  World War II ended 72 years ago.  There were 60 million military and civilian casualties.  The Japanese did not value human life and willingly gave theirs for Emperor and country.  Their superior attitude motivated them to harshly treat those they subjugated.  Nazi Germany considered itself to be the master race and the lives of those not in their ranks were worthless, especially Jews.

If Hitler had stopped the allied invasion on June 6, 1944, if the “Marianas Turkey Shoot” on June 19, 1944 had been in Japan’s favor, and if the Germans had destroyed Russia’s forces at Kursk in July 1943, we could be living in a different world.  Hitler’s scientists were working on the atomic bomb.  His engineers had a airplane on the drawing board that would deliver it to Washington, D.C. if we did not surrender.  The Nazi’s secret weapons program only needed 6 more months to be produced in enough quantities to annihilate our air force. Truman would have been our last president.  Nazism and Imperial Japan would be our masters.  The Gestapo would weed out any who dissented.  Judaism would be eliminated.  Churches would be controlled, and members brainwashed.  Slave labor camps would house those unworthy of the master race.  Christianity would be forced underground and hunted.  Only those who extended their arms saluting “Mein Fuhrer” and touting “Third Reich for a thousand years,” would be popular.

If history had taken us in that direction, the left would not have had a voice.  It would be ended with a gasp in one of several gas chambers.  Riots and looting to protest would have been silenced immediately with machine gun fire.  Dissent of any kind would bring arrest, torture and death.  But, according to the left, that is what the United States deserves!  I’m sure they would want to be left out of that deserving group even though they partook of its fruits and enjoyed the wealth they gained by being a USA citizen?

Despite this nation’s faults, prior to 1962 this country believed in prayers in public schools.  Discipline was part of that educational process.  Businesses expected a good work ethic.  Government officials, both Federal and State, openly praised God.  Honesty and integrity were encouraged.  In that year, a movement began to remove all that from our society and make us into a secular one.  Mankind was encouraged to do what was right in its own eyes.  We are seeing the fruits of that kind of lifestyle today.

We were a country where one could go to a hardware store and buy a rifle, shotgun, or pistol without background checks or waiting periods.  Pickup owners could display a rifle on a rack behind them without folks passing out as they passed by.  Schools supported rifle competitions.  Some schools furnished indoor ranges as well as the rifles and ammunition for that practice.  Despite all those weapons being readily available, school shootings then would not compare with those happening today.  When one took in a movie, the good guys always won, and the bad guys were always punished.  Life was precious, so the good guys just shot the gun out of the bad person’s hand.  Sin was discouraged and teens with a reputation were not admired by their peers.

Perhaps our sins are finding us out, and we are on the verge of paying for our poor choices?  If we begin suffering because our nation rejects God, we have no one to blame but ourselves!