Thursday, October 25, 2018

Isn’t it strange that an atheist refuses to believe there is a God and devotes himself to proving what does not exist?

Isn’t it strange that some folks will devote themselves to getting rich and powerful, reach that goal, then discover they can’t keep what they have sacrificed their life to gain?

Isn’t it strange that some people devote themselves to manipulating others, and then discover they cannot manipulate aging, death, nor God?

Isn’t it strange that a person will attempt to be perfect in belief and action, then discovers in dying that his trust has been in his efforts rather than in what Jesus accomplished upon the cross?

Isn’t it strange when a person believes his righteousness is better than another’s, yet he has more assurance of that person’s salvation than he does of his?

Isn’t it strange that folks believe they don’t come into God’s presence until they enter the church’s sanctuary, yet they have been the temple of God for years?

Isn’t it strange when a believer prays to God, but doesn’t know how to picture Him since the Infinite will not print out in his finite brain?

Isn’t it strange that some believers wants to go to heaven, know they aren’t perfect, doubt they will make it, but view it as a wonderful place where they will endlessly play a harp?

Isn’t it strange that some believe it is stupid serve a God that does not exist, when they sell their soul to the god of this world?

Isn’t it strange that some believe they have a license to criticize others, but no one has a permit to do the same to them?

Isn’t it strange that some believe that if they have all the “do not” items covered, that they “do” deserve heaven?

Isn’t it strange that a lie may become truth if it accommodates a person’s faith, but remains a lie if engaged in by someone who doesn’t share that faith?

Isn’t it strange that one person blames his violent behavior upon a non-violent person because that pacifist doesn’t deserve to be non-violent?

Isn’t it strange that a person who is anti-abortion needs to abandon his position because it provokes violence in those who oppose him, believing their lifestyle merits the right to continue violence against the unborn?

Isn’t it strange that some Christians believe in open borders but refuse to bear the expense of that position, expecting others to provide it if they want to be good Christians?

Isn’t it strange that some believe their work in life is telling everyone else what they need to do to please God, but the doing is up to those who are told, not the one doing the telling?

Isn’t it strange that some view hypocrisy as a virtue?

Isn’t it strange?

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32