Monday, November 5, 2018

Solomon wrote, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).  Righteousness exalts; sin disgraces!  The definition of “sin” has been converted into multiple shades which glorifies blending.  Isaiah spoke of such long ago, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).   It seems some enjoy repeating the past, when it promotes death rather than life.  Even among believers, sin is deceptive and morphed to fit our life styles.  Eve set the standard (Genesis 3:6).  We adapt our sins by pigeon holing them into big and little, white and black, dark and light, acceptable and unacceptable.

Have you heard the philosophy of the litter bug?  It promotes those different shades of sin.  It states, “It’s just a candy wrapper.  That’s not enough trash to hurt anything.”  Perhaps not, if it was limited to one person throwing out one candy wrapper.  But littering is not limited to one person nor one piece of trash.  Human nature says, “I have the singular privilege of getting rid of my trash, but you don’t.”  Despite our highway and media ads, plus threats of heavy fines for littering, it is still done.  Our highways are covered with millions of tons of litter each year because some Americans are exercising their choice to make our highways their trash basket.  They are special in that littering because they believe they have a unique privilege!  Millions of our tax dollars are used to pick up our folly.  Litter demonstrates that we have a nation filled with people who neither respect the law, their neighbors, or the beauty of God’s nature.  “Righteousness exalts a nation.”  Sin brings disgrace in the form of a discarded candy wrapper.

What if everyone on your block brought their garbage, twice each week, and dumped it on your lawn?  Would that upset you?  Would the sight of that trash and stench of that garbage delight your eyes and tickle your nose?  What if the burden of keeping your yard cleansed fell solely upon you?  Would you enjoy that removal cost each month?

Most people see Satan as a buffoon wearing a red suit, trailed by a tail, small horns, black goatee, and sporting a pitchfork.  Others view him as the warped figment of the religious right’s imagination.  Deception is his tool.  Just as Eve was deceived into believing she had a right to eat of the forbidden, so we justify that wrapper, cigarette butt, or other trash as our gift to the State or City.  Then we gripe when our taxes are increased, or our folly blows into our yard!

Ah, that candy or gum wrapper is just a little thing.  If so, call the State Highway Department and see if they will use your yard to dump what is picked up along the highway each week.  Then with pride, show off that “little.”

David was Israel’s king.  He was a mighty warrior.  He should have been with his men on the battle field.  Where was he?  At home, walking on his roof.  Just a little thing.  What did he see?  Another man’s wife taking a bath.  Just a little thing.  He inquired about who she was.  It’s still just a little thing, isn’t it?  She was the wife of one of his men that had been with him when he was running from Saul.  Just a little thing.  He requested her presence.  It’s still just a little thing, isn’t it?  He committed fornication with her.  No one knew, so no one was hurt.  So, it is still just a little thing, isn’t it?  She sent word that she was pregnant.  Maybe there is a problem but bringing husband home will smooth things over.  It will remain a little thing, won’t it?  Husband comes home but refuses to go home to his wife.  Is the little thing becoming a problem?  Nothing big, just send him back to war, but have him fight on the front, then withdraw from him so he is a single target.  Isn’t that little sin growing?  The husband is killed.  Is the unjustified death of another human being to cover up what was classified as a little sin more than “little”?  Lying to ourselves is a deceptive tool originating from that being which some deny exists!  It all begins when one sin begins adding up because the guilty one classifies it as “little.”  Sin is shady!

What are your “little sins”?