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Monday, June 24, 2019

Perhaps because I have lived through that history, I can see things which younger folks are blind to.  I was born before World War II.  The forties were part of my youthful history.  Nazi Germany hated Jews and blamed them for problems the nation had brought upon itself.  It was believed that a Nazi German belong to the superior Aryan race and Jews were sub-human and did not fit the mold.  A good Jew was a dead one.  Germany’s “Solution” was to annihilate all of them in Europe.  They were successful in murdering over six million.  At the end of the war, General Eisenhower had movies made of the death camps so the world would see the devastation and results of that hatred and never forget it.  Sadly, we have!  Here we are, sixty-four years later and that same hatred is being reborn in Europe and the United States.  However, it did not originate with the Nazi Socialist Party of Germany.  Its roots go deeper than that.  It originated as a family feud and was later clothed in religious thought.

This hatred originated between Abraham’s two sons.  One born to Hagar a handmaiden, and the other to Sarah, Abraham’s wife.  It continues to be played out in the middle East today.  The secular world may take sides without understanding the cause of that hatred and how it immerses them in its turmoil.   God promised Abraham that he and Sarah would be parents of a great nation.  Abraham and Sarah were old, and pregnancy wasn’t happening.  They, like many believers today, thought God needed their help in keeping His promise.  Sarah gave Hagar, her slave girl, to Abraham as a wife so she could bear him a son.  Hagar obliged by getting pregnant and giving him Ishmael as his male heir.   Jealousy motivated Sarah’s attitude and she had Hagar and Ishmael banned.  The Hatfield and McCoy type of feud began between those two half-brothers and continues to grow and fester to this day.  That growth intensified when Muhammad declared himself as the last great prophet of Allah in 622.  The Qu‘ran expresses Allah’s judgment upon all Jews.  Islamic teaching is that Allah commands that Islam rule the world under Sharia Law.  All who fight against that command are infidels and seal their ultimate fate.

All religions, which includes Christianity, are seen as heretical.  Christians are thought to be misguided people who believe in three rather than One God.  So, Christians are viewed as pagans.   Everyone will be given an opportunity to convert by declaring that “Allah is One and Muhammad is His prophet.”  If that profession of faith is not declared, the individual loses all of his rights.  If a non-Muslim does not submit to Islam, death may be his reward.

The world classifies militant Muslims as “terrorists.”  Yet, they are individuals who are willing to give their lives in defense of Allah’s plan for world conquest.  They are religious zealots.  Paradise is their reward for dying in defense of Allah.  Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, and some Christians do not understand why a Muslim is willing to blow himself up and taking infidels with him.  He is justified by Allah in taking their life.  He goes to Paradise.  They don’t!  They had their opportunity.  They forfeited their right to live by not submitting to Allah.   Terrorist who die for Allah’s cause are considered martyrs and heroes of their faith!  Their families are honored and supported.  It does not matter to them that infidels misunderstand nor wrongly classify their actions.  The ignorance of the infidel often works to their good and helps advance their cause.

Most Christians misunderstand Islam.  Each demand made by a Muslim, which is conceded by the Christian, is seen as a victory over the infidel.  Islam believes Abraham, Ishmael, the prophets, and Jesus were all Muslims.  The word “Muslim” means “one who submits to Allah.”  They believe Jesus was born to a virgin and was one of Allah’s great prophets.  They do not believe he was nor is the Son of God.  They do not believe he rose from the grave.  They believe Muhammad is the last great prophet and must be recognized as such by the world.

Most modern countries, including the USA, will eventually become Muslim, not by violence, but through birthrate.  In most modern nations the birthrate of its citizens is 1 to 2 children per household.  The average birthrate of a Muslim family is 5 to 8.  Through peaceful immigration and birthrate, in 15 to 20 years there will be enough Muslims in this and other countries to fill all political offices with their candidates.  The Constitutions of those countries will be voted out and Sharia Law will become Allah’s law for the world.

The day has already come when Christians in some nations are told to publicly deny their faith in Jesus as the Son of God or die.  The beginning of this demand has now reached our shores.

What is the confession of faith you, your spouse, children, grandchildren, relatives, friends, and neighbors will be making in the future?  Will your confession of Jesus be a whisper, a shout, or a necessary silence (Romans 10:10)?  That silence is being demanded already!