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Thursday, 09/26/2019

Illegal use of firearms in the USA in 2018 took 11,208 innocent lives.  Abortions in 2018 in the USA took over 630,000 innocent lives.  One abortion clinic received the support from your taxes but had additional profits by selling body parts belonging to those innocent sacrifices.


It is lawful for abortion clinics to kill 630,000 innocent lives in one year’s time.  It is against the law for the criminal element to kill 11,208 innocent lives in that same time span.

The government, the abortion clinics, and most (not all) of the women who seek abortions believe it is their Constitutional right to end the pregnancy with the removal of the fetus or baby.   Local, State, and Federal government believe it is illegal for the criminal element to end the life of an innocent pregnant woman and her unborn baby.  It is right to end the life for 630,000 unborn babies each year.  It is wrong to end life for 11,208 in that same time period!  There are no Constitutional rights for 640,000 innocent lives taken against their will.  There are Constitutional rights reserved for each of the 11,208 whose lives were taken from them against their will.  The ones responsible are prosecuted and punished for that illegal action.

In 1973 arguments were made that the fetus is not a human being.  In 2019 arguments have been advanced that human beings that are not wanted may be killed in the womb or outside it.  However, it is right to kill a baby in a future mother’s womb if she doesn’t want it.  The fetus in that case is not believed to be a human being.

The liberals in Congress and society are upset when guns are used to murder 11,208.  They immediately blame the gun and manufacturers and want all guns confiscated and destroyed.  Yet, the only one blamed in the 640,000 abortions is the innocent unborn baby.  The sperm should not have contacted the egg.  A death sentence if the two get together.


Abortion clinics and personnel are not blamed for 630,000 lives, but supported with our tax dollars.  The baby suffers the blame and death so the man and woman responsible are free to continue their rights.  That’s a ratio of 57 innocent deaths to each 1 murdered by a criminal.  Kill 1 and you’re in trouble with the law.  Kill 57 and the public defends it.


The age of the victim!  The justification: The victim is not wanted!