My Thoughts. . .

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5).

Both ends of that Old Testament wisdom are difficult to practice.  Why?  We trust the wrong person and lean upon the understanding of the one we have substituted in place of Jesus.  Understanding has not always been man’s biggest ally.  Some of that lack is due to hardheadedness!  Perhaps we have accepted man’s spin on the subject rather than the simplicity expressed by Heaven.

For some people the reward of heaven depends more on them than it does upon the blood of Jesus.  One beloved preacher in my past stated that when one stood before Jesus, how well he did on accumulating good works would be how Jesus would past judgment upon him.  He stated that when he stood before Jesus, he would inform him about every good thing he had done to show his righteousness outweighed his sins.  His goal was to produce one more good work than his total for bad works.  This accomplishment would gain a “Well done” from Jesus.  Later in life he realized the fallacy of that position.  Some do not.

Some put their trust in their ability to be obedient.  They believe Jesus’ part took place two thousand years ago upon the cross.  The view is that Jesus made it possible for man to save himself by reading the instructions and keeping all the rules in the New Testament.  Acts 2:40 and Philippians 2:12 are quoted to substantiate that position.   It is true that faith must be manifested upon our part.  One must make the right decision if he wishes to enjoy the salvation offered by God.  However, in this view, if one is short of perfect rule keeping, his efforts may shortchange him with three words, “Depart from me.”  Most realize their percentage of “near” perfection may be too short to add up to the amount required.  This realization puts their hope into a deadly tailspin.  The only assurance that person can express is “maybe.”  Sadly, he isn’t even sure of that!  That’s not the kind of faith one needs.  That person’s trust is centered in his ability to reach and maintain perfection.  A goal that ends with him holding a bag full of insecurity.

When one has a false standard, it makes no difference how long his “obedient” list is.  It remains false.  Obedience is necessary, but it cannot earn him the payment he desires.  If perfect obedience is the goal, it is beyond his reach.  If one believes his obedience puts God in debt to him, he has misdirected the debt.  The results he desires may become his nightmare.  His trust is misplaced because the wrong person is its destination.

Too many believe they are responsible for paying off their sin debt.  Jesus said you cannot serve two masters (Matthew 6:24).  There can only be one Savior and it isn’t you.  God did not anoint nor appoint you for that task.  Our trust must be in God and the one He anointed for that work (2 Corinthians 1:9; 1 Timothy 4:10).