My Thoughts. . .

Monday, 05-11-2020

I hate wearing a mask.  Why?  My breath goes straight up to my glasses and clouds them.  Why am I wearing a mask?  No, I’m not robbing a bank.  It is because of the COVID-19 Virus and a mask is supposed to protect you.  That is what some doctors claim.  According to others it doesn’t help you, it helps others.  If you are sneezing or coughing, your mask catches your fluid particles in it, keeping others from breathing in your ailments.

The way some wear their mask it isn’t going to help them if someone coughs or sneezes close by.  Why?  They are wearing their mask as some men were their trousers.  Low boy!  The mask is over their mouth, but not their nose, just as some wear their trousers too low and show?  Their mask covers their mouth, but not their nose.  If they breath ONLY through their mouth, no problem.  But, if they are breathing through their nose, what protection do they have when someone nearby sneezes or coughs?

Why do some people do that?  Isn’t that ruling for their protection?  They do not believe the rule applies to them.  How many of you when driving through a 30-mph posted zone drive 38 or 39 mph?  Why?  You justify your 8 or 9 mph over the speed limit because (1) you are in a hurry, (2) 30 mph is a ridiculous speed limit, (3) you have the right to drive at whatever speed you desire, or (4) that posting doesn’t apply to you because the cops will overlook your speed unless it is 41 mph or higher.  Most choose number (3) and give it as their reason for disobedience?  Most probably think, “It is a ‘dumb’ law and you don’t have to respect ‘dumb’ laws.”  You might be surprised to learn that murderers use that justification to do away with a cheating spouse or whatever.

In the garden, Eve saw that gorgeous fruit on that single tree and was hooked.  Why would God put something that great in the middle of things and not want us to sample it?  Adam was her sweety, so his willingness to join in tasting the fruit with her, was her justification.  Let us throw in “love.”  If God loves us so much, He will not create something and withhold it from us.   Ah, love allows a lot of things.  “If God, he, she, or whoever loves me, then I can have this, do that, or break this rule and it is okay because of that love.”  THAT is the garden lie that has kept us in trouble since Eve said, “This is good . . . pleasing . . . and desirable.” (Genesis 3:6).   In the beginning God made everything GOOD (1:4, 9, 12, 18, 21, 25, and 31).  Cyanide is good for the purpose it was created, but that “goodness” does not extend to making it our breakfast drink!  Dynamite is good for its purpose, but not when it is worn as a vest.  God told Adam to “fill” the earth, “subdue” it, and “rule over” God’s creation (Genesis 1:28).  Adam and Eve could do those three acts without disobedience.  But they did not make that choice.  Choice is ours.  But not all choices bring benefits when we follow Adam and Eve’s choice in being disobedient.

During this Virus outbreak I wear a mask.  It is my choice.  My choice will help me when someone, who is 6 or more feet away coughs or sneezes without a mask.  My mask will filter out the virus and protect me.  God warns us about sin.  The blood of Jesus keeps us clean.  God gives us a mask to cleanse us of our sin.  It is Jesus, His Anointed One.  Your choice!  Put him on or leave him off (Galatians 3:26-28).