My Thoughts. . .
Thursday, 06-04-2020

A man stands before the judgment seat of Jesus. Jesus opens the books, finds the man’s name, and states, “You are John Somebody, a Christian.

John: Yes I am. Lord, I want you to know that. . .
First: I was immersed for the remission of my sins when I was ten years old.
Second: I preached my first sermon when I was ten years, three months old.
Third: I taught and baptized my good friend when I was thirteen.
Fourth: I led my grandparent to the truth and baptized them when I was fourteen.
Fifth: I began waiting on the table when I was twelve.
Sixth: I worked with the Youth minister from the time I was eleven.
Seventh: I taught the youth class from the time I was thirteen.
Eighth: I started filling in for the preacher when he was away for meetings or vacations from the time I was thirteen.
Ninth: My first gospel meeting was when I was fifteen. I held a meeting each summer in our area.
Tenth: I led congregational prayer from the time I was twelve.
Eleventh: For eleven consecutive years I won the scripture quoting contests at the State Youth Forums.
Twelfth: I attended school from Kindergarten to the twelfth grades at the local Christian School. I was Valedictorian of my class.
Thirteenth: I went to the local Christian University and graduated with top honors.
Fourteenth: I went on to the Christian Graduate School and earned my doctorate.
Fifteenth: I won the highest intellectual honors at both schools.
Sixteenth: I have had perfect attendance in Bible classes since I obeyed the gospel.
Seventeenth: I’ve been preaching for 65 years and during that time I’ve baptized 6,382 people.
Eighteenth: I married a Christian and we’ve been married 57 years.
Nineteenth: My wife and I have three children and all are Christians and our grandchildren are Christians.
Twenty: I’ve never been fired from a church, but always left on the best of terms.
Twenty-one: Every church I’ve worked with has grown in membership.
Twenty-two: I write articles for all the faithful gospel papers in the brotherhood.
Twenty-three: I have defended the truth in public discussions fourteen times.
Twenty-four: I pray numerous times each day.
Twenty-five: I give 30 percent of my salary each Lord’s day to the church.
Twenty-six: I’m in the book, “Faithful Preachers of the Gospel.”
Twenty-seven: I could go on and one, but I think you understand and know about my faithfulness?

Jesus: Yes, you have a very long and distinguished resume. However, you’ve left out one thing.

John: What? What did I leave out?

Jesus: Me!