My Thoughts. . .

Thursday, 07-16-2020

What do you think about renaming the Washington Redskins?  Is it because the expression “Redskins” is offensive to the Indian population of the USA?  We seem to be living in that period of history in this country that if a name, phrase, statue, or title is offensive to anyone, it needs to be destroyed or changed yesterday!  Are we consistent in this call to wipe out offensiveness?  We are human, aren’t we?  Inconsistency is our middle name.

In an attempt to be consistent, why don’t we change the names of the following?  If “Redskins” is offensive, what about “Kansas City CHIEFS” or “The Atlanta BRAVES”?  Perhaps we need to include the “Cleveland INDIANS”?  If the offense over “Redskins” is because of one’s skin color, then maybe we need to add the “Cleveland BROWNS” to the list?

Perhaps the offense is wider in scope than that.  Why not change the name of “The New York YANKEES” because it is offensive to folks in the South?  Even religion could be offensive with “The New Orleans SAINTS” or “the Los Angeles ANGELS” or the “San Diego PADRES” thrown into the mix?

Law abiding people may be offended by teams with names that glorify criminals who are guilty of rape and ruin such as “The Oakland RAIDERS” or “the Minnesota VIKINGS.  One could include the “Tampa BUCCANEERS” and “the Pittsburgh PIRATES.”

Perhaps “the New York GIANTS” and “the San Francisco GIANTS” should be included which might highlight obesity and that could offend some.  Some teetotalers could be offended by “the Milwaukee BREWERS.”

There are a number of citizens in this country that have “thin skin” and I suppose that term could be offensive to those who own it.

While we are addressing this topic, there are some who feel members of Congress are spending their time griping and attempting to dig up dirt rather than doing the job we hired them to do through the ballot box.  Perhaps “Representative” and “Senator” need to be thrown out and a more descriptive title be given that shows what they are actually doing?

Humans are usually inconsistent in a number of areas, and my offering might fall within that realm for some of my readers.  “Being offended” is the name of the game!  The best way to solve it is for everyone to keep their mouth shut, their pens dry, and their thoughts to themselves.  Of course, “silence” to some may be offensive.

My apologies.  I’m sure I have been!