My Thoughts. . .

Monday, 07-27-2020

TV ads feature new medicines almost every week.  The first thing they tell you is what it will heal, help, or dissipate.   Then they rattle off the side effects, finally slowing down to inform you that if you have any of those symptoms do not take it.  One new medication will eradicate those bad headaches you constantly suffer.  Hidden among the side effects it informs you in smaller print that it may cause headaches!  Medicines sold to remove seizures may cause them.  If you notice one of those symptoms when you take the medication, rapidly call your doctor.  If you call your doctor to set up an immediate appointment, “immediate” sometimes means two months away.

I’m glad we have labs that can develop new cures for the sufferers.  One doctor informed me that every medication has its side effects.  You have to determine if the cure is better than the cause.  For most people the side effects are so minimal that the good outweighs the harm.

The Scriptures are like medication.  There is a benefit in following its instructions, but there may also be minuses suffered due to the negatives.  Your present godly lifestyle may be questioned by your former “good time” buddies.  When life burdens you with its heavy concerns, the “What Ifs” paint godliness in black whereas the former one is filled with rainbow colors.  Peter was thrown into prison awaiting the death his fellow apostle James had experienced.  Whole families in the church died together in the Colosseum being torn apart by hungry lions.  Nero used Christians, soaked in oil, to light the streets of Rome.  Today’s Nigerian Christians are losing their lives because Nigerian Muslims believe they are infidels deserving death.   In our country, we are beginning to hear voices threaten death for believers in Jesus.  It is the negative side cropping up to offer us their way rather than Jesus’ path.