My Thoughts. . .

Thursday, 09-10-2020

The perfect man and woman were in a perfect world endowed with choice.  Remember, for every action, there is a reaction.  Freedom of choice has its reaction.  They had it all with one exception.  That exception proved to be their Achilles heel which was, “Eat and you die.”  No, there was no “if” nor “maybe.”  It was, if you eat, you die!  That is plain enough.  But they had a choice.  That choice would rob them of being the oldest living couple today.  It would keep them from enjoying their grandchildren and offspring.  Choice is a freedom, but it may include a death sentence.  It was their choice.  They made it.

It is difficult to believe that two people created this mess we are wallowing in today!  They started it, but each generation keeps it alive with glowing platitudes, believing their efforts will create a better tomorrow.  With every act produced, there is a reaction with varied degrees on both ends of the spectrum.

That choice, which took seconds, produced a garden with weeds and tomorrow’s nightmares.  They had the choice in picking any fruit and consuming it except from the tree in the middle of the garden.  Why was it forbidden?  Wasn’t it a tree with fruit like all the other trees?  Ah, but it had something the other trees did not have, didn’t it?  Why would God withhold the fruit from that one tree?  Wasn’t everything created for them?  Was it fair to withhold that fruit from them, especially since it would give them wisdom?  If God did not want them to eat from it, why put it where it was with nothing to impede them from taking and eating its fruit?  Building a fence with words is an invitation, not a hindrance. 

Since God gave them choice, if they made the wrong one, wouldn’t it be God’s fault rather than theirs?  However, if man were created without choice, he would not be at liberty to complain since that would involve choice.  We have that freedom to make our choices.  However, for every action, there is a reaction.  We want to retain the benefit of making choices, but we do not want our choices to affect us in a negative way!  Since choices can be beneficial or destructive, the results hoped for may not be granted.  The rain one farmer prays for may increase his crop but damage his neighbor’s.  The action you desire may be someone else’s nightmare.  It could be yours.

Everyone has a right to make his own choices, good or bad.  We benefit from one and share Eve’s displeasure when ours follows hers.  Choices are made that can be beneficial.  When that happens, the benefit may be enjoyed by others.  If it is a bad choice for us, it may affect others too.  However, some may benefit from that choice.  One may make a choice that brings monetary gain to himself.  Yet, that gain may cause jealousy in another.  That jealousy may motivate that individual to decide to harm you.  Cain made his choice to murder his brother due to the favor his brother received from his choices (Genesis 4:5-8).  The elimination of Able removed Cain’s competition!  His actions produced a reaction which he did not cherish (Genesis 4:11).

The choice the United States Supreme Court made in 1962 that prayer in public schools was unconstitutional is seeing its results.  When a vacuum is created, something is going to fill it (Matthew 12:44-45).  Kicking God out, invited Humanism into each classroom.  58 years of godlessness has graduated individuals without faith.  The choices made by those individuals has produced an army bent on eradicating biblical truth and making man the supreme deity.  58 years of infiltrating government, business, universities, TV news media, TV shows, Hollywood, and churches has seen an erosion of righteousness.  It has been 58 years of acclimating believers to “go along.”  Remember, every cause has its affect – “Every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25).