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Thursday, 10-29-2020

Whatever category one wishes to discuss, there are myths introduced which some will swallow as if it is truth.   In my youth Saturday movies featured heroes such as Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and Hopalong Cassidy.  Myths were innocently given and passed on. 

MYTH: In shootouts, a six shooter could be fired ten to fifteen times and never be reloaded.

TRUTH: If a pistol’s capacity is 6 cartridges, it would fire only those six and then need reloading.

MYTH: The good guy always allows the bad guy the opportunity to draw first.

TRUTH: When that is believed, the good guy is shot by the bad guy.  Sometimes the criminal shoots the wounded good guy again to make sure no living witness is left to testify against him!

MYTH: The good guys could draw their firearm, shoot without aiming, and knock the bad guy’s gun out of his hand.

TRUTH: It might happen accidently, but to purposely do so is found only in make-believe movies.

MYTH: When a person is shot, the bullet will lift the individual off the ground and throw him back several feet. 

TRUTH: A person might fall backwards when shot, but most would collapse when hit.  A bullet would not pick a person up and propel him backwards.  In some cases, a person might not realize he was wounded.  If he is the criminal, he remains a threat to the police who are attempting to disarm and arrest him.

MYTH: One fired pistol shot by a good guy will totally put the bad guy out of action.

TRUTH: Unless a pistol bullet hits an individual’s brain or heart, a bullet will not instantly kill nor immobilize him.  A criminal, though mortally wounded by police, can still shoot his weapon, wounding or murdering the policeman before the bad guy bleeds out and dies.  That is one reason no police, sheriff, or Federal officer attempts to shoot a criminal in the shoulder or leg.  Arms or legs are small targets which move and are difficult to hit.  If hit, there is no guarantee that the criminal will be hindered in shooting back at the officers.  Center mass is the region taught to fire at if shooting becomes necessary.

1. Hollywood characters, as well as anti-firearm politicians, often demonstrate their total ignorance when it comes to handling one.

A. Actor Eric Hexum had a 44 Magnum pistol used in the movie he was working in.  It had a blank cartridge in it.  He playfully put it to his head and pulled the trigger.  The paper wadding in the cartridge hit his head with such force that a piece of bone broke off and penetrated his brain.  Loaded or unloaded, one must not play with a firearm.

B. A few years ago a picture was published of a female California Senator holding an AK-47.  Her finger was on the trigger.  That is a definite violation of gun safety rules.  She demonstrated her ignorance about firearm safety as well as firearm use.

2. If it is an auto or semi-auto firearm and the magazine in not removed before showing it, there may be some regrets to follow.

3. If they also do not check the gun’s chamber after removing the magazine, they are failing to see whether or not it is loaded.  A firearm can remain loaded even if the magazine is removed!  Today’s firearm manuals contain all of those safety tips.  Some never read them!

4. They carelessly point the muzzle at nearby people when one of the rules of handling a gun is to never point it, loaded or unloaded, at anything you do not wish to destroy or kill.

5. There are no guarantees that the person being fired upon and hit will be immobilized or killed.

A. A North Carolina man, Kenny Vaughn was shot 20 times by a disgruntled neighbor and lived.  All bullets failed to hit a vital organ.

Sometime politicians demand that a police officer must shoot a criminal’s gun or knife out of this hand.  The legs are also demanded as a target.  Even if the police shoot the criminal in both legs, it does not guarantee he will be immobilized from carrying out his desire to kill a cop.  The police may warn him multiple times to drop his weapon, but if he does not obey and attempts to harm them, their response is to protect their lives.  He is the lawbreaker, not the lawmen.  

1. If a knife welding criminal is charging at the police, intend on killing them, he endangers the officers who may protect themselves.  Officers are trained to shoot “center mass” until that threat is stopped.  Since one bullet may not stop such an individual, multiple shots may become necessary to carry out that goal.  For politicians or the public to defend the criminal rather than the officer, indicates something is wrong more with them than the officer.

2. When such demands are made of officers by the public or politicians, it probably is because those making those charges have accepted too many myths as truth!