My Thoughts. . .

Monday, 11-09-2020

Some believe in a one hour God each week. They go “to church” for an hour to be in God’s presence. When they leave the church building, they leave God behind and the other 167 hours belongs to them. During those hours God is out of sight and out of mind. They do whatever makes them happy. God will not step in and condemn their actions because He is a “good” God and He remembers the hour they spent with Him Sunday.

Whatever kind of God you believe in will be mirrored by the way you speak, believe, and act. Some believe God will never allow anything bad to happen to them or their family. If they or a family member is sick, has an accident, develops a damaging disease, or is hurt and must be cared for, God is blamed and no longer worthy of that person’s respect. So their hurt builds a wall between them.

Such views about God demote Him to the position of being an idol. If an idol doesn’t meet one’s views of what God must do or not do, then He throws that idol away and creates another. The individual puts his trust in himself by removing God from his life. Man vindicates his actions with that justification becoming his faith. He is god and needs no other!

Not all church goers are saints. Some develop their own truth. What pleases that individual is his truth. One’s truth may contradict another person’s truth, but that doesn’t matter because he has rejected absolute truth. Everything is relative, except one troubling subject.Death contradicts his outlook on life, so he puts it in a mental closet and locks the door. He throws the key away. Yet, that door continues to remind him that life isn’t relative. He attempts to make it disappear. He works out, but lines and wrinkles reveal aging. Aging ends in death. He works harder at keeping the lock on that door. As time passes, so does his youth. Withering youth makes his relativity less convincing. Death becomes more absolute and that door has lost its lock!

Methuselah lived 969 years but those years still brought death. If death is absolute, then what is not seen may also be the same. Is there an existence on the other side of death? If so, is there an absolute being called God? Some are gambling that death is the only absolute. Are you a gambler?