My Thoughts. . .

Thursday, 11-12-2020

Back in the forties it cost a dime to get into the movie theater.  You got to see the coming attractions, a cartoon, a newsreel, a serial feature, and the main show.  You could stay and watch it a second time.  A soft drink was a nickel, a Baby Ruth candy bar was a nickel, and the last five cents bought a large sack of popcorn. 

Movies were in black and white and Saturday theater usually featured Roy Rogers or one of the following such as Tim Holt, Hopalong Cassidy, Lone Ranger & Tonto, Smiley Burnette, Gabby Hayes, Gene Autry, or Red Ryder.  Every actor had at least one, “Six shooter.”  Some were blessed to have two.  Each pistol actually held only 6 rounds, but during a shootout, no one every reloaded and they would shoot fifteen or twenty times each.  When they started shooting, they would hold the pistol straight up in the air, bring it down, shoot, reach for the stars again, bring the pistol down and shoot again.  If the good guy shot, he always shot the bad guys hat off, then shot the gun out of the criminal’s hand without drawing blood.  For middle school kids that was impressive shooting.  We thought it was real, but it was only Hollywood make-believe.

As movie characters changed, and black and white gave away to technicolor, the good guys were now police detectives.  They were crack shots just like Roy, Gene, and others.  They could shoot the gun out of the bad guys hand almost blindfolded.  Like the Westerns, a good cop would allow the crook to go for his firearm first.  The cop would turn completely around, draw his pistol, and shoot the thug’s gun out of his hand before he could pull the trigger.  Make believe scenes were bought hook, line, and sinker by a lot of movie goers.

People who do not know much about guns fill that void with Hollywood’s non-reality nonsense.  Politicians, who are anti-gun, usually display their ignorance when holding a firearm or describing one from their information of ignorance.  Even among those who have fired a pistol or rifle, some may show their ignorance when handling or speaking about firearms.  The news media often portray firearms as if they are human, and without compassion or conscience, kill thousands of people each year.  More people are killed by drunk drivers, but few if anyone blames the cars!

Some people may think that policemen draw a fat check each week for doing nothing but driving around town unless they have stopped to drink coffee and eat donuts.   If stopped by a policeman some will treat him like he is dirt who ought to be out catching “real” criminals rather than harassing them.  If you act like a criminal, you will be approached as if you are one.  You could be asked to step out of the car and commanded to go through a scenario to determine whether you are a criminal or a drunk.

If you are stopped, put both hands on the steering wheel so the officer can see them.  Rather than tell him what you are going to do, wait for him to tell you what to do and when.  You will be safe when he feels safe!  He will be nice if you are.  If you want to be belligerent, he has the authority to arrest you.  Stay out of his face and he will not need to get in yours.

Men in blue occupy a dangerous job.  Modern protest groups do not mind murdering either a male or female officer.  A fourteen or fifteen-year-old can pull a gun and shoot without thinking about the seriousness of his actions.

Be thankful for those men and women who serve our communities as lawmen, keeping the peace and protecting us from those who would take it from us.