My Thoughts. . .

Thursday, 11-26-2020

They had just moved to the city.  They had also found where the Lord’s people were meeting upon the first day of the week.  They were eager to attend and become acquainted with other like-minded folks.  They had been recently converted by listening to the preacher in their former city.  He had told them about this congregation.

They introduced themselves to each member.  They thought some were not as friendly after they mentioned who had converted them.  They quickly learned that even though the church met together in the same location, unity may have been preached, but it was not being practiced.  They felt an immediate kinship with those who acknowledged that the same preacher who taught us was responsible for them becoming saints.  They also felt the coolness from the other three groups.  This confused these newcomers because they too supposedly followed bonified preachers and Jesus.  Since no division existed between those teaching individuals, why the disruption here?

They learned to watch where they sat.  If they happened to sit among the other groups, they would not share the bread nor the fruit of the vine with them.  This caused them to miss partaking and going home hungry.  Some even made derogatory remarks against their former preacher, questioning the validity of him being a true follower of Jesus.  It bothered them that some were drinking too much wine during communion and leaving the assembly drunk.

Another shocking problem grabbed their attention.  The problem was a son had taken his father’s wife from him and the two were living in a sinful relationship.  Not even the unbelievers did such a thing.  Their neighbors mentioned this when they tried to speak to them about Jesus.  The additional problem was that members shrugged this incident off because the man was not a part of their group.  He apparently had a lot of influence in the group he belonged to, so no one was challenging his behavior.

In no time they learned all of the problems in the congregation.  Those who were considered sound and conservative were flaunting their superiority over those with lesser knowledge.  Inspired prophets were ignored by those groups which they did not belong to.  Some claimed their miraculous gift made them more important than gifts received by others.  Confusion reigned in the assembly with the prophets, language speakers, and interpreters all attempting to speak at the same time and to be heard above the others.  Then there were the married women butting in and asking their husband questions in a loud disturbing manner.  The way some were partaking of the Lord’s supper was shameful, even disgusting.  One had to wonder why they even came to the assembly to partake in such a fashion?

Yet, they were the Lord’s church and there was no hint that any of the four groups should leave and establish their own unique assembly.  In fact, anyone who was taught and added to Christ was to attend that assembly each week (Hebrew 10:25).  Besides, the Holy Spirit continued to indwell them, and they were THE body of Christ in Corinth.  They were God’s holy Temple, and they had the Spirit’s gifts to prove it.  Yet, something needed to be done about the disruptive behavior, the error, and the false practices found among God’s children in Corinth.

Seeing this need, a letter was written to inform Paul about what had and was happening among the membership.  I am sure he will remember us.


The Chloe family