My Thoughts. . .


When I start my computer, I usually check my Email.  Among the “letters” is a notice from one of the funeral homes.  They announce who died that day, the time of visitation, the service, and what funeral establishment is doing it.  Most days the majority listed are past 70.  Do the young die too?  Yes, but usually it is due to an accident, an overdose, anger-related, or disease.  The rest?  The Hebrew writer sums it up with, “It is appointed for men to die once” (Hebrews 9:27). 

It is interesting how people face death.  Some are concerned about eternity and what their judgment will be.  Will they receive a favorable announcement or a dreaded one?  Are they hoping for “Well done” but expecting “Depart from me”?  Do they envision bartering with the Lord, using anything good they did as a leverage to get in?  Are they expecting God to have a blindness that cloaks the sinful way they enjoyed living?

Some people do not want to prepare for that appointment because IF you do not talk about it, it will not happen!  Some bring that day sooner by stressing over it.  Others hope their works are sufficient to force God to overlook their shortcomings as He fills their sinful gap with a small gift of grace.  Some will depend completely upon their accomplishments.  Some believe their faith and works are so far ahead of the average disciple that God will greet them with a special smile.  Despite one’s attitude, when appearing before Jesus, saint or sinner will bow before him.  Their “righteousness” will evaporate when compared to his gift of blood.

Some will die who believe they are prepared.  Paul says, “every knee shall bow” (Romans 14:11; Philippians 2:10).  Reality will humble us, driving us beyond stopping on our knees.  Some picture God as an angry parent displeased because of our failure to be perfect.  Due to that imperfection, rather than viewing God’s face being filled with love, those individual see Him with displeasure motivated by anger.  Believers may quote John 3:16 without flaw but their understanding and appreciation will have its shortcomings.  Reality will suddenly reveal itself making all totally aware that Jesus saves, and it is his righteousness which we have received that causes God to smiles (2 Corinthians 5:21).

I am going to die.  Excise, medication, the hospital, nor physicians can stop it.  I may live longer than you, but both of us have an appointment.  We will leave everything behind, whether it is family, friends, property, or things.  Not even our body will accompany us.  Despite the eloquent things that may be said about us, regardless of the inscription upon our marker, even if we received plagues, honors, and rewards, it will all be meaningless when we take our last breath.  The only thing worthwhile is whether or not we died to sin, were washed in the blood of Jesus, and were added to the body of Jesus by God.  If we wish to stand before Jesus without sin, we have to be bloodied before we die.