My Thoughts. . .

Monday, 01-04-2021

When some Christians talk about worshiping God, the following points are often emphasized:

1. Be well dressed.

2. Be devoted and respectful to God while in the auditorium.

3. Make sure we cross every “t” and dot every “i” so our worship actions will be acceptable.

4.  Make sure we demonstrate correct and reverent attitudes while in the auditorium.

5. Make sure our worship is not casual.

6. Let us figuratively bow down when we worship.

Sunday is when some put on their “church” face, project the right attitude, clean up their speech, practice their holy actions, and project a righteousness until the “closing Amen.”  Some are copying and glorifying the kind of worship man produces rather than what God identifies as such.  Some identify their sanctuary with the acceptable term “auditorium.”  They go to the building to be with God for an hour.  After that hour they will exit the building and return to normal life.  They will hang their respectful clothing in the closet until the following Sunday.  Their respectful attitude is left at the building and they act “normal” the rest of the week.  Their actions manifested at the church building are usually to impress God and man.  However, when they go home, God waits at the church building for their next visit. 

Some do compartmentalize their faith.  They go to the church building to worship God.  When they leave the building, they are no longer worshiping.  The rest of the week belongs to them.  They have fulfilled their duty as a Christian.  Their faithfulness is wrapped up in their weekly visits to God’s House of worship.  They have worshiped in spirit and in truth completing that week’s requirements (Hebrews 10:25). While “in church” they are disturbed by a young mother with two children under of the age of five.  The two are interrupting their worship with their child-like curiosity.  They are not misbehaving, just looking around.  Why does she not leave them at home with her husband who is not a Christian?  Does she not have any respect for those who are present to worship the Lord?