My Thoughts. . .

Thursday 05-13-2021

Life is precious.  The brevity of life affects us all.  People respond in different ways.  For example, when the news is bad, some turn to alcohol.  Some collapse.  Some go into denial.  Some wear a fake smile and respond with nervous laughter.  Some become like zombies needing direction and stability.  Some blame God.  Some curse God.  Some believe God is punishing them.  Then the word, “Why” becomes part of the vocabulary.  Some withhold any negative news from family to eliminate grief.  Some family members resent this information being withheld from them.  Some want to know how much time they have left.  Others do not want to know.  Some feel guilt because they were not a better spouse, parent, child, sibling, or friend.  Some add up all their good points to impress God because they are hoping for an unhindered entrance into heaven.  Some recognize the huge gap between reality and their lack of perfection.  Some are fearful that God’s grace is not sufficient to cover their sins.  Some are on the verge of having a nervous breakdown due to their imperfections.

Some are putting their trust in church membership.  Hopefully, their attendance and contribution will speak in their defense.  Some see the Father as a judgmental Deity scrutinizing their every action in a negative way.  Some view God as a loving Deity who is blind to everything they did because their sinful actions had no bearing on their judgment or salvation.  Some believe they have crossed every “T” and dotted every “I” and God owes them their salvation.  Some believe God has a one hundred room mansion just waiting for their arrival.  For some, Jesus is their Savior, Lord, and friend.  They know they are not perfect but understand that the blood of Jesus keeps them continually cleansed.  God loves them, has redeemed them, and enjoys fellowship with them.  This relationship is so personal that they speak of God as “Abba Father” or “daddy, Father.”  The fellowship God had with Adam and Eve before their disobedience is now restored and believers may now enjoy walking with God through Jesus.

They are reconciled!  They are justified!  Life is precious!  Why?  Because fellowship with the Father has been restored.  We belong to God through Jesus!