My Thoughts. . .
Monday, 05-24-2021

It was the Passover Feast. The twelve and Jesus were in an upper room. Neither Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John reveals the house’s owner where they met to celebrate that meal. We are not informed on who killed the sacrifice and prepared it. Who provided the items also consumed in that meal are not revealed. The scriptures that were read during this meal and the dialogue used is not mentioned.

Matthew and Mark mention one cup of the fruit of the vine when Jews in that time frame used four during the Passover meal. Luke mentions cups number 3 and 4. Both were used as part of the Passover. Luke includes both in Jesus memorial supper with number three being limited to part of Jesus dialogue and number four being representative of his blood. John totally bypasses the communion. All who were present completely misunderstood that part of the Passover meal.

Jesus announced that one of them would betray him. He even told them how they could identify that individual (Matthew 26:24-25; Mark 24:118-20; Luke 22:21-23). The “who” was totally missed due to their misunderstanding about Jesus mission. All of the apostles had a misconception of what was about to happen. Judas made his journey to make sure that night ended with him being thirty coins richer. Perhaps Jesus would be forced to initiate the overthrow of the Roman presence and re-establish David’s kingdom? The apostles did not dream that they would spend the night making darkness their friend nor huddled for protection in a room with a closed door.

When Jesus revealed himself to them, they were not thinking about breaking bread which Paul later referred to as “the Lord’s supper.” They were not arguing over who was going to be Jesus’ right hand man. The sword which Peter and another apostle wore were not displayed by either one nor were threats made about what they would do with those weapons. Thomas would not believe Jesus’ resurrection until he could see Jesus’ hands and side.

Since Jesus had been crucified, died, was taken from the cross, and buried, no one was expecting him when he appeared. They saw but did not see. They talked but did not identify. They were blinded by their disbelief. Jesus was dead, so they did not recognize the living Messiah. Jesus was dead and this man was talking with them. Dead men do not talk. They saw a man, but the dead do not live. Imagine their surprise when their sight turned to recognition and their ears heard a familiar voice? Fear developed but soon disappeared. Jesus had risen!

Sadly, the world refuses to believe in the resurrection. For a multitude, Jesus’ name is preferred only to swear by. They believe he died, but refuse to recognize his resurrection. For them, death ends their existence. Their philosophy is summed up with “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” They refuse to believe there is an existence after death. If they are wrong, they will quicky realize that their kind of faith produces hopelessness. If they are right, no one will know!