Jesus promised to build his church (Matthew 16:18). Paul informed his readers about that church being one body with Jesus as its head (Ephesians 1:22-23). In all twenty-seven New Testament books there is only one church. However, man originated the doctrine concerning an “invisible” and a “visible” one. The “visible” church does not and cannot offer salvation. Only the “invisible” one does and only God knows who makes up its membership. If the “visible” church does not offer salvation, what is its purpose? It requires each member’s attendance, contribution, and work. However, nothing done for that “visible” church is for his salvation. His attendance, contribution, and work is required to support that “visible” church but is not essential as far as the “invisible” one is concerned. Only faith is required., not works. The “invisible” church has no building for its members to meet in. It has no treasury to contribute to. It has no personnel staff to operate it. It has no earthly headquarters to overseeing it. It has no school to educate its future ministers. It publishes no Sunday School material. It has no visible membership role. There is no guarantee of fellowship with other members because God is the only one who knows who they are! Since God is the only one that knows, one could actually be in fellowship in a “visible” church with those who are the children of Satan. If the church Jesus promised is “invisible” and its membership known only to God, why belong to a “visible” one that cannot offer salvation? Which one did Jesus build (Matthew 16:18)?