Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gunfight 01I receive some very well written articles from a friend and brother. In a recent one he wrote,

“My right to bear arms – which I choose not to exercise – should be considered in light of the public good. We’ve been told that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun, but the Dallas police say it’s not quite that simple. In the early minutes of the confrontation with a sniper, nobody could tell where the shots were coming from. The police could not tell whether the civilians carrying guns were good guys or bad guys.”

How true! Carrying a gun is no guarantee that you will be capable of protecting yourself. Shooting 50 to 100 rounds each year at a paper target doesn’t make you proficient. Sometimes a cell phone and 911 is the answer to saving lives. You see something going down, call it in! To rush blindly into a situation where your ignorance prevails, may find you interrupting a plain clothed cop attempting to stop the bad guy. You may be seen as an accomplice rather than a supporter. You could learn what friendly fire is!

Ignorance prevails in those who fear guns as well as those who don’t. The public screams, “Why didn’t the officer shoot the gun out of his hand?” Hollywood can do that from 100 yards, but not off camera! “Why did the officer shoot him, he was only reaching for his billfold.” How would the officer know that when he had ordered the individual to put both hands on the steering wheel and NOT MOVE? Political figures may lie without impunity, but criminals do it to distract an officer so they can shoot first! In today’s society where law enforcement personnel are prime targets, any unauthorized moves must be seen as aggression. The policeman has been trained to see those threats and act accordingly to protect himself! The public may draw the wrong conclusions and misinterpret the entire incident. How many times has our president spoken about a situation before he had all the facts by blaming the police and praising the lawbreaker?

Some gun owners believe they are ready to handle any situation that confronts them. Wrong! A person with a knife can cover 21 feet to stab you before you can unholster your firearm. A person with a pistol is no match for a terrorist in an 18 wheeler. A pistol doesn’t help when receiving a “sucker” punch from a teen trying to impress his friends with his strength. Criminals don’t play fair and will never give you the opportunity to “draw first.” If your loved one is being used by a criminal as his shield, the Hollywood head shots are possible only on the silver screen. You can suffer a lifetime of regret if you’re unable to match Hollywood’s make believe!

Carrying a gun increases your responsibility more than the average person realizes.

1. Having a “permit to carry” doesn’t make you a police officer.
2. In a dangerous situation, your proficiency in handling a firearm, drops drastically! That inefficiency can get you killed!
3. If you walk into a Federal, State, or city government building, forget that you are armed, and are discovered, you are in a heap of trouble! Ignorance doesn’t dismiss your forgetfulness!
4. Drawing a weapon to warn someone to not bother you, when it is not a life threatening situation, may backfire with you losing your weapon, paying a fine, or doing jail time.
5. Carrying a weapon openly may turn your he-man pride into horror if a hoodlum grabs it and walks away with it, or shoots you.
6. If you have small children there is no such thing as hiding a loaded firearm.
7. Before you pull the trigger, check what is in the background. You may miss and hit an innocent person! They or their family usually sue and often win!
8. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are sure of your target. Adrenalin pulls triggers accidently. You are responsible for every bullet exiting from the muzzle of your pistol! Remember, you may be sued for those that hit something other than your target!
9. If you are in a shooting, your home insurance will not protect you nor pay if you are sued. Bad guys can sue too! Their family may also sue!
10. There is no comfortable way to carry a pistol on your person. There are always shortcomings that irritate!
11. When you must leave your weapon in your car, if broken into, will become the prize of the person doing the breaking! The NRA offers insurance! Keep the Serial number handy for the police report.
12. If your life is threatened and you refuse to stop the threat, be ready to transfer ownership of your firearm to the one who isn’t afraid to pull the trigger!

These are just a few of the responsibilities a person shoulders who carries a firearm.

Shooting at a motionless target is a lot of fun. Teaching a family member, friend, or neighbor how to safely handle and shoot a firearm can be rewarding. However, to pull the trigger on another human being will change your life in very unpleasant ways! You need to ask yourself, “Why do I want to carry a firearm?” Some do. Some don’t. Some shouldn’t. It’s a choice granted by the Second Amendment.