My Thoughts. . .

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Can you imagine joining a family, either by birth or marriage, whose goal is to make your life miserable?  Some feel this is true of God’s family.  Sometimes churches have unrealistic goals placed upon their membership that makes the average individual miserable.  Such requirements weaken faith rather than building assurance.  God is pictured as a tyrant who is happier with your failure than rejoicing in your salvation.  Jesus is depicted as a judge expecting perfection, leaving you with no guarantee of gaining it.  Hope becomes a fool’s game.  Man has an insatiable need to be in control of his destiny, causing him to replace God’s leadership with his own sacred traditions. The Pharisees did it, and every church, even some in the New Testament, followed that footprint.  Man continues to accepts his ability as his guarantee to open heaven’s door.

Man has replaced God’s grace with rules and regulations that burden him with misery, insecurity, hopelessness, and God’s portrait that only Satan can paint.  Jesus came, not with more burdens, but the gift of life in abundance.  He came to give us a peace that passes all understanding, not more misery and turmoil.  He came to give love, not aggravation.  He replaced a law system with grace and faith.  He came to free, not burden us with guilt.  He came to make us family, not fatherless orphans.  He came to save, not torment.  He came to be our friend, not our judge. Yet Satan deceives today just as well as he did in the garden.  We share Eve’s welcome by ignoring God’s.

God loves us, and Jesus has the nail prints to prove it. Jesus is a friend, not a Freddy Krueger!  He did not weigh us down with more laws and demand our faultless compliance.  His law is love without condemnation.  He demonstrated love, not shallow promises.  That love invites us to spend eternity with him.  That fellowship begins with our trusting Him.   We begin as newborns but grow toward maturity.  Love is the spark that burns off Satan’s lies and elevates our freedom.

There are false Messiahs everywhere.  They didn’t disappear in the first century.  They encourage self-righteousness, a holier than thou attitude, a follow-me-or-else demand, and even outdo the devil in quoting scripture.  They want you to promote yourself as a co-equal savior.  They desire that you ignore that Jesus paid it all and replace it with your assistance in reducing that debt.  Your obedience is your payment book.  They look and sound like Jesus, but lack his authority, friendship, love, and salvation.

Who is your Savior?  Jesus or you?  Does Jesus who is our Savior excuse you from obedience?  No, but that obedience doesn’t assist Jesus in paying off your sin debt.  Why do you obey if it doesn’t count toward that debt being reduced?  Satan doesn’t want you entertaining that question because he will not give you a truthful answer.   He desires your commitment to the idea that you are a co-Savior with Jesus.  Are you?